Christmas Edition: Sugarplum

The ultimate definition of  happiness – Sugarplum is the epitome of elegance and beauty. Made to be simple yet eye-catching, these succulence take centre stage, adding a sense of liveliness and opulence to any space they are placed.

Product Details

Our product combines a mixture of:

  • 3 Hyacinth bulbs
  • Hessian carrier

Also included: a glass planter of 17cm in height also included in price.


Watering: water your bulbs every 4 to 6 weeks depending on your home’s temperature, light levels and humidity, while you must ensure that the soil has completely dried out before watering again. Be particularly cautious when watering during the winter months since overdoing it will lead to rotting.

Food: fertilise during the warmer months of the year with a small amount of good quality fertiliser, such as an organic all-purpose houseplant food.

Pruning: if you would like to tame your mother-in-law’s tongue to reduce its height, you may cut off the tallest leaves all the way to the soil, while smaller or younger leaves are left to continue growing. Ideally, use a knife to cut each individual leaf. The same applies if you would like to eliminate dead leaves.

Ideal temperature: warm conditions is what the it needs, so any temperature range between 21 and 32 degrees Celsius is ideal.

Avoid: ​cold draughts and temperatures that drop lower than 10 degrees Celsius.

Pests: a relatively pest-free plant, the mother-in-law’s tongue is hardly affected by common pests and fungi, however, if grown in poor conditions then bugs such as mealybugs and spider mites may attack it.


We offer same day delivery all over Malta and Gozo, from Monday to Sunday. 


Whilst doing our utmost in supplying an identical product to the image provided, sometimes items may be substituted if not in season or unavailable. Our dedicated staff will make sure that the substitution is equivalent to value and quality. Items supplied may vary from the picture provided. Where our designs include a sundry item such as a vase, basket or pot it may not always be possible to deliver the exact item as displayed.

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