Funeral Flowers: Serenity

At times it is difficult to put sympathetic feelings into words, but flowers can say it for you. Filled with a mixture of yellow and white blooms, the Serenity wreath bestows a soft delicate touch, illustrating your support for a life well-lived.

Serenity Product Details

Our wreath combines a mixture of:

– Roses
– Gerberas
– Solidago
– Hydrangeas
– Fillers

Ideal for: funerals

Serenity Information

Roses: Universally loved, roses have for hundreds of years been recognised as the symbol of love, yet they are also known for representing sympathy and sorrow, becoming an important element in floral funeral arrangements. Held in high regard by a number of nations, in Greek mythology, the rose was a symbol of love and sorrow, whereby the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was often depicted with roses around her head, feet and neck, while it is also said that roses grew from the pool of blood spilt by Adonis, the goddess’ lover. In Roman culture, the rose represented life’s fast pace and consequent death, with the rose alluding to the next world, so much so that the feast Rosalia was a celebration of the dead.

However, the flower’s connection with sorrow is also evident in Christian mythology. For instance, it is believed that roses grew at the site of Christ’s death, while the bloom’s five petals represent his five wounds. With colour greatly affecting its meaning, Yellow roses, such as those found in our Serenity wreath, signify wisdom, power and good wishes.

Gerberas: An essential part of some of the most significant occasions in our lives, flowers abound in symbolism and underlying meanings. Possessing a timeless and simple beauty, you may have thought that gerbera daisies are mainly appropriate for joyful occasions, however, the flower is often used for funerals, mainly due to the symbolism it carries.

With a wide variety of species growing around the world, gerbera’s connotations are conditioned by its colour. Typically, white, red or pink daisies are a popular choice for funerals, yet the yellow variety signifies cheerfulness, rendering them a great choice for celebrating someone’s life. What’s more, its rich and varied history has also influenced its meaning. The modern English word daisy originates from the old English word meaning ‘day’s eye’ due to the fact that the flower opens during the daytime.

Solidago: Mainly known by its more common name – goldenrod – the solidago is a native to North America, whereas some varieties can also be found in South America as well as Europe. With its long and slender stem, this sturdy bloom is particularly distinguished by its bright, golden-yellow hue and can be found growing wild in meadows, pastures and alongside roads.

Due to its versatility, it is often the flower of choice for traditional arrangments, typically used as a filler, however, the symbolism it carries plays an even more crucial role. Originating from the Latin words solido which means ‘to strengthen’ or ‘make whole’ and ago that signifies ‘to make’, its name is linked to the flower’s medicinal and healing properties. The goldenrod also alludes to strength, growth, encouragement, good luck and good fortune. In addition, it is also known for providing support during difficult times such as the passing of a loved one.

For centuries the solidago has been singled out for its healing properties, having been used to treat ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis, haemorrhoids, asthma, arthritis and a series of skin conditions, while some species are edible and nutritious with its flowers and leaves used to make tea or added to salads and soups. Having said that, the flower can exacerbate hay fever symptoms.


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