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Scindapsus Hanging Indoor Plant: Scindapsus Golden Pothos

Used to adorn a tabletop or climb a plant pole, nothing beats showcasing a scindapsus’ beautiful variegated heart-shaped and satin-like leaves than having it hang from containers or baskets to create a cascade of foliage. Adaptable to almost any environment, the plant will fill your space with its colourful leaf display.

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Dimensions: ​our scindapsus hanging is available in three sizes:

– Small
– Medium
– Large

Dimensions are approximate and include the pot.

Scindapsus Hanging: Plant Guide

Difficulty level: ​the plant is an undemanding one which means that it is very easy to grow.

Light: although the plant can survive in low light, bright, indirect or curtain-filtered light throughout the year is ideal. This will not only allow your scindapsus to grow faster but at low light levels, the plant may lose some of its variegation.

Air purifier: Known for its air-filtering qualities, the plant can reduce formaldehyde, a naturally occurring gas found in most homes and office spaces. It can also remove carbon monoxide and increase the overall indoor air quality.

Pet and child-friendly: considered toxic to pets due to the insoluble raphides present in the plant, the scindapsus should not be consumed by cats, dogs or children. If ingested symptoms include oral and stomach irritation that may lead to vomiting, as well as difficulty in swallowing. Some individuals may also develop a skin rash when in contact with its sap. To prevent this always wear gloves when handling.

Ideal for: ​housewarming, new offices or business premises, promotions.

Scindapsus Hanging: Plant Background

Origin: originally endemic to the South Pacific island of Mo’orea, the scindapsus hanging can nowadays be found in a wide range of countries extending from Australia through Malesia, Indochina and China, Japan and India. A member of the Araceae family, the plant serves as a rich source of food for animals such as lizards and other reptiles found in tropical rainforests. Also known, as Epipremnum aureum, the name derives from the Greek word epi which means on and prepon which connotes stem, in reference to the plant’s ability to grow on the stems of trees.

Also known as:​ devil’s ivy, golden pothos, ivy arum.

Symbolism: the scindapsus is often regarded as a money plant particularly in India. As a result, it is often believed that it brings prosperity, good fortune and luck. In Feng Shui, the plant is thought to energise the home thanks to its ability to increase the oxygen inflow.

Fun facts: ​the hanging golden pothos is often used in aquariums whereby it is placed on the top of the tank with its roots growing in the water. With many benefits to both the aquarium and plant, the golden pothos absorbs the nitrates found in the water and uses them to grow.

Scindapsus Hanging: Plant Care

Watering: ​water regularly but bear in mind that the plant prefers its soil being kept in the drier side. In fact, it cannot survive in waterlogged soil. Mist the leaves frequently and take note that any leaf drop is an indication that the plant is being overwatered, whereas brown leaf tips typically occur when the air is too dry.

Food: feeding it every 6 months with a general-purpose indoor plant fertiliser should suffice.

Pruning: when kept in good conditions the golden pothos will produce several aerial roots and long, trailing stems. If these get too long for your space consider cutting the longest almost to the soil, just above a leaf node. Repeat this twice a year to keep the plant full and lush. In addition, remove any leaves that appear dead, damaged or discoloured with a pair of clean, sharp scissors by snipping just above a leaf node.

Ideal temperature: the scindapsus will best thrive in a temperature range of between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Avoid: direct sunlight which can burn the foliage and any sudden drop in temperature below 10 degrees. You must also protect it from draughts.

Pests: mealybugs are probably one of the most common pests that can attack your plant. You can treat it with a spray solution containing water and rubbing alcohol. Apply to the scindapsus and then wash it down with mild liquid soap and water. Fungus gnats that look like small black fly-like insects are also frequent invaders which you can spot crawling on the soil.

Important Information

Whilst doing our utmost in supplying an identical product to the image provided, sometimes items may be substituted if not in season or unavailable. Our dedicated staff will make sure that the substitution is equivalent to value and quality. Where our designs include a sundry item such as a vase, basket or pot it may not always be possible to deliver the exact item as displayed.

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