Pink Delight


Flower Bouquet: Pink Delight

The ultimate colour combination – a mix of soft and vibrant pink hues – the Pink Delight is the epitome of femininity. Made to be simple yet eye-catching, these blossoms take centre stage, adding a sense of innocence and playfulness to any space they are placed.

Product Details

Our bouquet combines a mixture of:

– Mini gerberas
– Mini spray carnations
– Foliage

Also included: a modern carton tube with a container and flower food mix.

Ideal for: Any type of special occasion

Pink Delight Bouquet Information

Gerberas: A type of daisy that forms part of the Asteraceae family and is commonly known as the African daisy, the gerbera is a native to tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia. Available in a wide spectrum of colours, the flower is one of the most popular blossoms available, often singled out for its bright hues and longevity.

Riddled in meaning and symbolism, the Victorians believed that the flower represents happiness, while for the Egyptians daisies symbolised devotion to the sun. On the other hand, the Celts regarded the blossom as the solution to reducing sorrow and daily stress. Nowadays, the gerbera mainly symbolises innocence and purity.

Indisputably beautiful, the flower is known to eliminate harmful toxins from the air, whereas during the night, it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, making it the perfect bedside table companion to lull you to sleep.

Spray Carnations: An expression of love and devotion, the spray carnation is known to have been firstly used by the Greeks and Romans in garlands and according to Christian legend, carnations first appeared when Jesus carried the cross, whilst many sprang up from where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell.

Spray carnations are native to Eurasia, however, today the flower is grown commercially in all corners of the world. Often referred to by its botanical name – Dianthus – these flowers are available in numerous colours and colour combinations, each linked to a specific meaning. For instance, those sporting a pink shade represent a mother’s love and in fact, it is a popular choice when it comes to bouquets and flower arrangements for Mother’s Day.

Also known for its medicinal properties, the carnation can help relieve stress, inflammation and skin irritations. What’s more, it produces little pollen, making it the ideal flower for those who suffer from allergies.

How to look after your pink delight flower bouquet

Get in touch with nature by taking care of your bouquet. Here are a few essential tips to keep your cut flowers fresh and to preserve their beauty.

– Once you have received your bouquet, there is no need to remove it from its container.

– All you need to do is simply check the container’s water level and top it up as needed with water together with the flower food which you will find attached to the message tag.

Pro Tip: Warm water is quickly absorbed by the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost, however, this also means that the blooming process is accelerated so it’s best to add cooler water. – Make sure that no leaves touch the water as these can breed bacteria. Keep the cut end of the stems constantly submerged, yet remove any foliage that is floating around.

Light: place your bouquet in a spot with low light and good ventilation but avoid direct sunlight which may lead to petal burn.

Temperature: keep flowers at room temperature and ensure there are no direct draughts.

Important Information:

Whilst doing our utmost in supplying an identical product to the image provided, sometimes items may be substituted if not in season or unavailable. Our dedicated staff will make sure that the substitution is equivalent to value and quality. Items supplied may vary from picture provided. Where our designs include a sundry item such as a vase, basket or pot it may not always be possible to deliver the exact item as displayed.

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