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Funeral Flowers: Roses, Lilium & Fillers Heart Wreath – In our Thoughts

Losing a loved one is never easy. Yet, with the In our Thoughts heart wreath that brings together delicate cream and white blossoms accentuated by soft yellow roses, you may pay your respects and offer comfort to those in grief.

Product Details

Our heart wreath combines a mixture of:

– Roses
– Liliums
– Chrysanthemums
– Fillers

Ideal for: funerals

In our Thoughts Information

Lilium: Consisting of a group of flowering plants that grow from bulbs, lilies are native to much of Europe, Asia, Japan, South India, as well as Indochina and the Philippines, while they also extend from southern Canada right through much of the US. Often found in woodland and grassland habitats these blooms are widely cultivated across the world. The flower obtained its name from the Greek word leiron in reference to the white Madonna lily and it was highly admired and respected, so much so that Greeks believed it sprouted from the milk of Hera.

Flowers have been a key element in the traditions surrounding death and funerals for centuries, while nowadays, the act of gifting flowers is a good way to express sympathy and support. Featuring large, dramatic blossoms that are often highly fragrant, the lilium is the bloom most often associated with funerals, symbolising innocence, purity and the rebirth of the soul, whereas, despite the fact that they come in a diversity of colours, the white variety is usually most preferred on this occasion. In addition, the white stargazer and oriental lily are both a popular choice due to the fact that the former connotes sympathy, whereas the latter eternal life.

Roses: This iconic classic has been traditionally associated with romance and passion, love and respect, however, the rose is often used for funerals. In effect, it is an appropriate way to show sympathy and compassion, while it makes for a great floral tribute to the life of those who have passed on. Christians regard the rose as a symbol of purity, virginity and the radiance of the soul, while it is believed that the tomb of the Virgin Mary was covered in it.

In a funeral setting, each hue carries its own meaning like red which symbolised love and grief or white roses, which represent purity and innocence. On the other hand, a wreath sporting soft yellow roses, such as the In our Thoughts wreath is most fitting if the deceased was a close friend, since this colour represents friendship and loyalty. Blooms in a dark pink colour are used in funerals to show gratitude, whereas this colour tends to stand for grace and appreciation.


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