Crazy Daisies


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Crazy Daisies

Our Crazy Daisies are the perfect choice if you’re renovating your backyard, front garden or anyone looking to add a pop of colour to their surroundings. Made to be eye-catching, this mix of Osteospermums take centre stage, adding a sense of liveliness to any space they are placed.

Our Deluxe option includes 10 Baci chocolates adding the perfect amount of sweetness to this already delightful gift.

Product Details

To better accommodate your needs, our Combo Mix comes in 3 different sizes.

Small: 6 osteospermums plants

Medium: 10 osteospermums plants

Large: 14 osteospermums plants

Shipping Details

We offer same day delivery all over Malta and Gozo, from Monday to Sunday. 

Important Information

The images are for illustrative purposes only as plants come different colours  according to seasonality and availability.

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