Calathea Stromanthe Sanguinea


Indoor Plant: Calathea Stromanthe Sanguinea

A bold and stunning plant known for its exuberant green and cream leaves with striking dark pink undersides, the calathea stromanthe sanguinea is unrivalled by any other houseplant. Perfect for adding a hint of drama and the exotic in your space, it deserves a front-row seat in a beautiful contemporary pot.

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Dimensions: ​our calathea stromanthe sanguinea is available in one size – 60cm.

Dimensions are approximate and include the pot.

Calathea Stromanthe Sanguinea: Plant Guide

Difficulty level: this is not your typical beginner’s houseplant. Although hardy, it is quite the needy plant and without proper care, your calathea stromanthe sanguinea’s white variegation will turn yellow and brown, while the edges will dry up and crisp. Unless you are ready to fully commit to its needs, it will be difficult to keep it pristine.

Light: ​plenty of bright, indirect light is ideal since it will encourage its variegation even further, so make sure you place it in front of a north-facing window which provides sufficient light but will not expose the plant to the blazing afternoon sun.

Air purifier: ​the stromanthe is considered one of the best plants to filter and purify the air from harmful toxins.

Pet and child-friendly: it is considered non-toxic to cats and dogs, as well as to humans.

Ideal for: ​housewarming, promotions and any other occasion.

Calathea Stomanthe Sanguinea: Plant Background

Origin: ​the variegated bloody stromanthe is native to the jungles of the Amazon in Brazil and is a close relative of the Calathea variety. Characterised by its thick, glossy, oblong leaves that feature shades of pink, green and white giving it its name Tricolor, the plant is a stunning tropical perennial that forms part of the Marantaceae family. The amount of variegation varies from plant to plant, however, most stromanthes have irregular shades of cream, pink and green on the upper surface and pink, burgundy or maroon on the lower.

Also known as:​ stromanthe sanguinea triostar, stomanthe sanguinea tricolor, calathea triostar and variegated bloody stromanthe.

Fun facts: as is the case with other plants that form part of the Marantaceae family, the stromanthe sanguinea moves towards its light source, while it is commonly referred to as the prayer plant due to its ability to fold up its leaves at night as if in prayer.

Calathea Stromanthe Sanguinea: Plant Care

Watering: ​the soil should be constantly kept damp but never wet and this also applies during the cold winter months. Humidity is also key to the stromanthe sanguinea’s proper growth. Mist the plant on a weekly basis and ideally place it in a humid location like the kitchen or bathroom. Alternatively, position it near a humidifier or use a humidity tray.

Food: fertilise your plant every month during the growing season with a regular houseplant fertiliser.

Pruning: regular pruning will help the plant maintain its shape and size and bear in mind that any crisp, brown leaves are an indication that the surrounding air is too dry.

Ideal temperature: as a tropical plant, the stromanthe tricolor cannot withstand cold temperatures, however, normal room temperature that does not drop below 15 degrees Celsius should do.

Avoid: ​direct sun which may burn the leaves. Also, avoid placing your plant in cold draughts.

Pests: stomanthe’s high demand for humidity and moisture means that they are quite prone to mould and fungus. Should your plant develop any of these issues, let the soil dry out slightly between waterings. You may also want to sprinkle some cinnamon since the spice is a natural fungus preventative. On the other hand, pests such as aphids and spider mites may attack the plant. A mild horticultural soap or some neem oil spray will clear these out.

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