Bright Delight


Flower Bouquet: Bright Delight

Evoking the warmth of the fiery summer sun and the calming hues of the sunset, the Bright Delight is ideal for injecting a hint of drama to your space. Combined with deep green foliage and fillers that accentuate the flowers’ vivid orange colour, this bouquet exudes confidence and passion.

Product Details

Our bouquet combines a mixture of:

– Roses
– Spray carnations
– Hypericum berries
– Chrysanthemums
– Foliage and various fillers

Also included: a modern carton tube with a container and flower food mix.

Ideal for: Birthdays, anniversaries, just because, flowers for the home

Bright Delight Bouquet Information

Roses: Featuring a long and colourful history, roses have forever been regarded as symbols of love and beauty, as well as war and politics. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love, while they were often used to convey messages without words. Representing confidentiality in the Latin language, a wild rose was often placed on the door of a room where a private discussion was taking place. In addition, during the Roman period, roses were grown extensively in the Middle East and were used for medicinal purposes, as a source of perfume and as confetti during celebrations.

In the wild, the genus Rosa has some 150 species that grow throughout the Northern Hemisphere in places ranging from Alaska and Mexico to northern Africa, however, in the 20th century, cultivators began experimenting with crossbreeding to create a greater variety of roses with a wider range of colours. Particularly popular during the summer months and symbolising desire, enthusiasm and passion, the orange rose gives this iconic flower a modern, fresh look.
Hypericum berries: Most commonly known as Tutsan or St. John’s Wort, the hypericum is a shrub native to the Mediterranean region of Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East that can be found growing in the wild to about 1.5 metres in height. On the other hand, the majority of hypericum grown specifically for the flower industry hails from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Florists typically tend to use the branches with the berries rather than the yellow flowers the plant produces and as a consequence, many refer to it as the coffee bean berry. Available in a wide range of colours, the most popular hues tend to be red, yellow, pink, orange and white, though, during the Christmas period, the berries are often painted gold, copper or silver.

Known for its healing properties and having been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, it is closely associated with good health so much so that during the Crusades, the Knights used to use the plant’s leaves to heal wounds. Today, it is often utilised in many pharmaceutical products. In addition, hypericum berries are also thought to bring good luck at weddings, so they are often incorporated in a bride’s bouquet.

Spray Carnations: The second most popular cut flower after roses and the national flower of both Spain and Slovenia, carnations scientific name is Dianthus Caryophyllus. Brimming with symbolism and legend, some believe that the name Dianthus originated from the myth of Diana, goddess of the hunt. According to legend, when Diana was returning from an unsuccessful hunting trip and stumbled upon a shepherd playing the flute, the goddess blamed him for the failed trip and in a fit of rage, she attacked him and plucked his eyes out. As the story has it, where his eyes fell, red carnations grew as a sign of innocent blood.

Spray carnations represent fascination, distinction and love and various colours are used in different countries, each representing a specific meaning. For instance in France, purple carnations are the traditional funeral flower, whereas in the Netherlands, white carnations are worn to commemorate veterans during World War II. In other countries, red carnations symbolise socialism and the labour movement, often being worn on May Day.

Flower Bouquet: How to look after your Bright Delight flower bouquet
A bouquet of bright blooms can bring cheer to any space, leaving a lasting impression. However, without the appropriate care, your flowers can dwindle quickly. Have a look at the tips below to preserve the freshness of your bouquet:

How to look after your Bright Delight Flower Bouquet

Once you have received your bouquet, there is no need to remove it from its container. All you need to do is simply check the water level and top it up as needed with water together with the flower food which you will find attached to the message tag.

Pro Tip: warm water is quickly absorbed by the stems, giving the flowers an instant boost, however, this also means that the blooming process is accelerated so it’s best to add cooler water. Make sure that no leaves touch the water as these can breed bacteria. Keep the cut end of the stems constantly submerged, yet remove any foliage that is floating around.

Light: place your bouquet in a spot with low light and good ventilation but avoid direct sunlight which may lead to petal burn.

Temperature: keep flowers at room temperature and ensure there are no direct draughts.

Important Information:

Whilst doing our utmost in supplying an identical product to the image provided, sometimes items may be substituted if not in season or unavailable. Our dedicated staff will make sure that the substitution is equivalent to value and quality. Items supplied may vary from picture provided. Where our designs include a sundry item such as a vase, basket or pot it may not always be possible to deliver the exact item as displayed.

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